Julie Zheng

2019 Contestant #7

Born and raised in Chicago. I grew up in a loving home with family that only spoke Chinese and followed Chinese traditions through the old lunar calendar. Thanks to my family and the Chinese community, I appreciate my Chinese heritage and I am proud to say that I am one of the first generation Chinese Americans. Hello everyone! I am contestant #7, Julie Zheng. During my free time, I like to karaoke, bake, and create D.I.Y. art crafts for fun. If you are wondering, why am I participating in Miss Chinese Chicago 2019? Well, I have a couple goals in mind. I want to be an active member in a community that I can relate to and make a difference. Through this pageant, my ultimate goal is to form a stronger bond between younger and older generations through the engagement of assistive and social activities. If you are interested in hearing more, come see us on August 31st!