I am a positive and driven medical student, fitness enthusiast and musical theater aficionado. I grew up in Naperville, IL and studied Biochemistry at the University of Chicago where I also served as a patient advocate and was a flyer on the cheerleading team. Through my experience connecting low-income patients to community resources in South Chicago, I learned about the powerful role of socioeconomic factors in shaping the health of underserved patients, as well as how much of a privilege it is to be a patient’s advocate and cheerleader during their most vulnerable moments. As a current medical student, I am working on a team to develop a predictive analytics platform to improve appointment adherence and health outcomes among high-risk patients. I also encourage healthier living habits and promote health literacy as a health coach for patients challenged by socioeconomic or language barriers. Through Miss Chinese Chicago, I hope to empower Chinese individuals to better manage their chronic diseases and equip them with the knowledge to make healthy, tangible changes to their lifestyle. Actively working to advance health equity through innovative solutions and education invigorates me to continue developing the knowledge and skills to become both a culturally competent physician (for English-Speaking, Mandarin-speaking, and Spanish-speaking patients) and a fierce advocate for vulnerable populations.

I am thrilled and honored to be part of this year’s pageant! I am grateful for this platform to further my commitment and responsibility to the underserved and this opportunity to grow in confidence, leadership, and pride for my Chinese-American heritage.

Thank you for your support and see you in August!