Vivian Gao

2019 Contestant #10

Hi, I’m Vivian Gao and you can catch me at a cafe since 90% of my body runs on coffee #stressedblessedandcoffeeobsessed

I’m MCC’s Contestant #10!

I am currently 20 years old and studying at Loyola University in Chicago as an Advertising Creative major with a Visual Communications minor. I hope to spread my unique style and design to the world and become an inspiration to others with the same dream by encouraging Chinese Americans to pursue a field that branches outside the typical norm.

Growing up in Chicago, the lack of Chinese representation and leadership in the community caused me to silence my voice. Anyone that knows me may describe me as shy and introverted. But I’m learning how to step out of my comfort zone. This pageant has empowered me to find the best version of myself and to give back to the Chinese community.

I am absolutely grateful for this opportunity to participate. I would appreciate your support, and thank you to Victoria, my fellow contestants and the sponsors for making this possible!


P.S. 对不起,我的中文不太好