Jean elliott


Miss Chinese Chicago 2022 Congeniality

Hello all! Jean Elliott here and I am SO excited to be your Miss Chinese Chicago’s Miss Con(Jean)iality of 2022. As a transracial Chinese adoptee, I didn’t have the opportunity to grow up with a consistent Chinese community. When I moved to Chicago I proactively immersed myself in a community that I found within Chinatown and Miss Chinese Chicago. The friendship, joy, and support that I found from contestants, Lin, Kim, Ava, Mary, Victoria, Natalie, Mia, and Isabel is beyond words!

Even though my parents could not personally offer me a community that looked like me, they cleared the path for me to find strength in other paths like soccer and sewing. These two activities have always been strong pillars in my personal foundation. I plan on using both activities to continue to uplift myself and the community that I now have the privilege of being a part of. I hope to bring that same love and support I received from the other contestants and the strength I have found through soccer and sewing to the greater Chinese community as your 2022 Miss Congeniality.

Jean Elliott