Brittany lau

Miss Chinese Chicago 2018 Queen

My experience in Miss Chinese Chicago pageant was more than I could have imagined. This pageant not only focused on helping women showcase themselves and grow their confidence, it taught us how we could give back to our community and become young, Chinese American women leaders to bridge the gap between the new and old generation. Winning is not the ultimate accomplishment but tackling community challenges and making a difference is. As Miss Chinese Chicago, I am honored to represent the community that is closest to my heart. I have seen the progression of the area and have grown a relationship with many of my peers and neighbors. With this title, I have a greater opportunity to continue expanding and improving this community through my innovative ideas and skill sets.

As a lifelong resident of Chicago’s Chinatown who has volunteered in the community since I was young, I realized that many of our elderly individuals do not vote, because they do not know how to vote and that they believe that their vote does not matter. I really want to change this! I look forward to planning more events within the community where I, in addition to the new generation, can teach elderly individuals how to register to vote and teach them where they are able to vote. I believe with the help of my generation, we can make the elderly community in my hometown empowered and active citizens!