Mia Hitterman


2022 Contestant #8

Hi everyone, my name is Mia Hitterman! I was adopted from China but most people know me as Mia. I've always felt close to my Chinese name 武利翔 since it's also my middle name. My parents kept it because they thought it was beautiful and to remember my heritage.

Growing up I was introduced to the world of fashion and dance. When I was young, I used to be shy due to my speech impediment, but the ARTS led me to be able to express myself without using my voice. My speech impediment limited the confidence that I used to have as a kid, but now I decided I can't let that get in my way.

I am a rising junior at Dominican University majoring in fashion design and minoring in fashion merchandising. Within my two years left, I hope to inspire and empower strong women through my clothing. Clothing allows each of us to express who we are. I want my clothing to be a representation of what my younger self needed.

I decided to join Miss Chinese Chicago because I wanted to learn more about my community. I want my platform to be a place where you and I can grow together and be able to fully accept ourselves for who we are. The world is difficult and we are all facing our own battles. What matters is not giving up and having the courage to persevere. I want to let you know that you are all deserving and you have a place in this society.